Yvette Heiser – Tips for Amateur Photographers

Photography is a great way to pause and enjoy the present moment. Although it holds a beautiful potential and provides a great perspective on life, it is an exceptional skill to master. If you have purchased a new camera or are a beginner trying to explore your way into photography, you need to enhance your skill with some instant tips. Let us understand the magic of photography in this blog Yvette Heiser — Photography Tips for Beginners

Yvette Heiser - Tips for Amateur Photographers

Tips and Tactics for Improving Photography for Beginners

Hold Your Camera Appropriately

The foundation of every photograph relies on its primary source, the camera. The camera is the creation of magic we witness in the photographs. Hold your camera in the correct position precisely to capture the best photograph with no blurry vision. Many new photographers use tripods to do the same, but it is advised to use tripods only when shooting in low light. Additionally, if you are using tripods right from the beginning of your photography career, then you will find it difficult understanding the modus operandi of the camera functioning. Hold your right hand on the camera’s right side around the button and use your left hand to support the weight of the lens beneath. Eventually, with practice, you will find your way of holding the camera.

Learn Techniques of Exposure

Three essential components of balancing exposure are ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture. ISO is the factor that controls the sensitivity of the lens to the light. A more significant ISO would signify a higher sensitivity to light. On the other hand, the aperture controls the opening of the lens so that only a certain amount of light can enter the lens. At the same time, shutter speed is the speed when the aperture is open; giving access to the light to enter the lens. Understand these three factors to understand the magic of exposure and gain an unbeatable advantage in boosting your photography skills.

Be cautious about Flash

It is a rule of photography that you should never use the built flash of the camera during nighttime or dark time photographs because this can lead to a decrease in brightness, exposure, complexion and increased chances of production of red eyes and darker shadows.

Learn to Play with Angles

Perception is the key to photography. Learn to understand the same photograph from different angles. Often, changing your angle can drastically change the way your photographs look. Experiment with angles, for instance, when shooting animals, get down to their level and witness the world from their eyes. Approach the scene from a different angle, and voila! You can see the magic in your photographs.

Focus on Eyes

While executing portrait photography, focusing on the eyes is essential, as they are an alluring and paramount feature of the human body. Eyes speak words that lips fail to. So, it is essential to focus on the eyes as sharp eyes looking straight at the camera convey more emotions in the photograph.


Photography is an art that only a few of us can master. To master it, we need to understand basic human emotions and the camera’s functioning. Several features make up remarkable photographs. To know more about the same, read Yvette Heiser – 5 Critical Qualities for Remarkable and Cherished Visual Moments.

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