Yvette Heiser Texas- 5 Tips To Enhance Image Resolution

Photography is undoubtedly an exceptional skill that few of us possess. But editing and enhancing the quality of photos is another skill that is challenging yet creative on its own. Image editing can even enhance a bad-looking photo. The techniques for elevating image quality are complex yet compelling. Yvette Heiser Texas- 5 Secrets of Elevating Image Quality helps you understand why image quality enhancement is a must and what are the techniques to do so.

Yvette Heiser Texas- 5 Tips To Enhance Image Resolution

What is Elevating Image Quality?

Elevation of image quality means increasing the image’s resolution and resizing it. It is essential for many uses but can also be used to retrieve important photos. Nowadays, this technique is famous for recovering decades-old photos and albums. The technique that improves the image’s visual quality is included in photoshopping. The power of Photoshop is such that it can even make fake images look natural.

Tips for Elevating Image Quality


Resampling means adding or subtracting pixels in the image: the more pixels, the more the resolution. Resampling includes two main terminologies: down sampling and up sampling. Down sampling can decrease the number of pixels in an image, and up sampling can increase the number in an image. You can increase the resolution by adding more pixels to the same image without changing the size of the image. But Resampling is a very tedious and risky process as slight overdoing can destroy the quality of the image, which is why down sampling is the best kind of resampling to do.

Change in Dimensions

Another way to improve resolution is by changing the picture’s dimensions without changing the pixels. We can do this by deselecting the resample option that will lock the current dimensions of the image. Then when you start adding new values, the image’s width and height will automatically increase. When the dimensions increase, the resolution will be fixed automatically.

Techniques apart from Resampling

Resampling is an effective technique, no doubt. Still, it is also a critical step that needs expertise to be worked on, so you can also try increasing the resolution without resampling. Try increasing the resolution by increasing the sharpness of the image, reducing contrast, and decreasing shadows through a Photoshop app. Or you can use Camera Raw Filter to do the same.

Choosing the Right Format of an Image

It is vital to use the correct format of the image; specific formats reduce both the size and quality of the image. Formats like JPG, JPEG decrease the image quality and resolution. A better option is SVG images; it has the reputation of producing the best quality images with even minute details like logos and graphics.

Avoid Conversion

To ensure the images are in their best resolution, avoid doing several conversions to other formats that result in a humongous compression loss. Preserving the image’s original quality before starting with editing is crucial. You can opt for compression-without-loss tools like RAW and TIFF.

Other ways to improve image resolution are to use super-resolution, interpolation methods, and Photoshop features.


When producing a perfect resolution image, a camera is the most essential piece of equipment that can do wonders. But when the camera fails to do the job, then editing is what comes in handy. Good editing, photo-shopping and using techniques like Resampling, interpolation methods and changes in pixel dimension can enhance the quality of your image. Apart from camera photography, if you want to know the wonders of phone photography, read Yvette Heiser Texas – Mastering the Skill of Phone Photography.

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