Yvette Heiser Texas – All You Need to Know about Phone Photography

Photography has become an integral part of our present-day society. Now, even you can join in on this bandwagon. But don’t worry – you will not need expensive equipment to click a photograph anymore – with the rise of technology, smartphones now have advanced cameras that will help you capture any moment in life with a single click!

Owing to the advancement of smartphones, clicking aesthetic pictures is no longer a hassle. But clicking a photo on a smartphone is not as easy as it sounds – it is an art. So to get perfect shots on your phone, you need to master the art of phone photography.

Let us then learn the primary guidelines for clicking breathtaking pictures on the phone. Finally, Yvette Heiser Texas – Becoming an Expert in Phone Photography will teach you more.

Yvette Heiser Texas – All You Need to Know about Phone Photography

Know Your Phone Camera

The first and foremost thing to learn is your phone camera’s capabilities. Familiarizing yourself with your camera’s settings will help you understand the benefits your phone camera offers. With in-depth knowledge of your phone camera, you can learn about addition features your phone company might offer. These will help you take better pictures.

Use Gridlines

Your phone camera will have gridlines – the next time you click a picture, make sure you have the gridlines setting switched on. It will help you take balanced shots. These gridlines are based on the photography rule termed ‘rule of thirds’ – thus, they will help your picture look more professional.

Use HDR Mode

Every phone camera has an HDR mode you might not know how to use. High Dynamic Range or HDR is a camera mode or feature that focuses on balancing light and dark elements in high-contrast photos. You do not want your pictures to look either over or under-exposed. Turning on the HDR mode will help you balance that. In simpler terms, the picture you take will seem like how you see the object naturally.

Choose your Subject Carefully

When taking photos on your phone, make sure you are selecting the proper subject. It is advisable to restrict yourself to one subject per picture. This will help in better focusing. According to professionals, your subject should cover only one-third of the entire frame – the rest should be negative space so that the subject looks more focused.

Invest in a Phone Tripod

You might think tripods are unnecessary in phone photography, but their benefits are manifolds. If you like to travel and take pictures, they will become your best friend. Firstly, a tripod helps take still and clear pictures without the added trouble of haziness due to shaky hands. Secondly, you can stop taking bad-angled selfies and take pictures on tripods!

Remember that natural lighting and a clean lens work best when clicking pictures in phone cameras. However, depending on the picture’s mood, you can also play around with the different effects on your camera.


This blog by Yvette Heiser, Texas, should help you learn how to use a phone camera. If you are particularly interested in night-time photography, refer to Yvette Heiser – How To Take The Best Night Photos for more valuable tips and guidelines.

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